several books in a row


At Centralia Open Bible, we love books! Our volunteer librarian has put in countless hours locating books, organizing them on shelves, and inputting them into a searchable spreadsheet. We don’t just have books – we also have family-friendly DVDs and CDs, too!

Using the online listing

Click here to browse the online listing of our library. We use Google Sheets. You do not need an account or login to search the listing. You will see a table listing items by title and author, along with a description of the contents.

  • Search for a word or phrase: Press Ctrl+F
  • Sort any column in alphabetical order by clicking on the column’s title.

Checking out items

To check out an item, you will need an ID number. If you don’t have a number, or can’t remember your number, please see our librarian. Once you have a number, you can check out an item by signing it out in the checkout log, located in the library area.

Please read the guidelines for checking out materials, located in the checkout log. These will tell you how many items you can checkout, and for how long.