I was starving the other day. At 4 in afternoon that day, I left my office and walked to the local store. Got my candy bar and my apple fruit cupcakes. Yum. As I was returning to church, I had to cross the one-way street there. A UPS truck stopped for me. I ran across street and as I approached the other lane, a truck came flying through, just missing me.



Lesson: When you are really hungry, you will make an effort to do something about it. You will search and find food to satisfy that hunger inside.



It’s the same with God’s word. If you are really hungry for the truth from God, He is truth — Jesus cannot lie. He will satisfy your hunger. Your soul is hungry just as your physical body gets hungry. Just as we feed our stomach each day, our soul is hungry each day. Jesus never spoke in parables until the Jews kept rejecting him. Then he began to speak in parables to hide the truth from those who are not hungry. Those who are hungry will get understanding. Jesus said to never cast your pearls before swine. If you give something valuable to someone who does not appreciate it they will waste it. Jesus hides truth and give it to those who are hungry!



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